Online Share Trading Training

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Course Content:

Basics of Technical Analysis:

Basic of fundamental analysis:

Technique to find stock for day trading


Online Share Trading Training:

Course Content:

Basics of Technical Analysis:

Basic of Technical Analysis:


Support and resistance

Trend line (technical analysis)

Breakout (technical analysis)

Market trend

Dead cat bounce

Elliott wave principle

Fibonacci retracement

Pivot point

Dow Theory


Candlestick pattern


Hammer (candlestick pattern)

Hanging man (candlestick pattern)

Inverted hammer

Shooting star (candlestick pattern)


Spinning top (candlestick pattern)

Three white soldiers

Three Black Crows

Morning star (candlestick pattern)

ENGULFING ( Candlestick pattern)

Basic of fundamental analysis:

It’s the Earnings:

Earnings per Share (EPS)

Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E)

Projected Earnings Growth (PEG)

Price to Sales Ratio (P/S)

Price to Book Ratio (P/B)

Dividend Payout Ratio

Dividend Yield

Return on Equity

Go Through With:

Economics Calendar

Holiday Calendar

Earning Calendar

Dividend Calendar

Split Calendar

IPO Calendar


Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow




Market NEWS

Technique to find stock for day trading

Class Pattern:

First Two day will be Technical Analysis

Next Two day will be Fundamental Analysis

Next One day will be Sentimental Analysis

Next one day will be go through with available data mobile app and website

Next One day will be Techniques for day trading

Last day will be Sum & Q& A


3 reviews for Online Share Trading Training

  1. Pankaj Singh

    After Completing this course i found myself a successful trader, i am earning good as part time from stock market

  2. Shruti jain

    After Completing this program i completed my Basic of technical Analysis Basic of fundamental analysis, and way to find news, companies data, technique to find stock for day trading,

  3. SOurabh

    The way of their online program awesome its feel like we are in live classes, also benefits from different regions student at same time same classes doubt, awesome experience in online classes

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