Forex School

Forex School

Welcome to CapitalFine Forex school we are pleased to provide our clients and forex traders globally an Exclusive & Comprehensive learning package which allows you to better understand the Forex markets.

The Forex schools tutorials are created in partnership with top forex traders, trainers and experts in the trading field. It is put together in an easy to understand format for all types of traders irrespective of the level of your trading experience it offers everyone a chance to learn more. Its is the Perfect tool to help you take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by the Forex markets and to help you become a successful and profitable Forex trader.

Forex schools offers traders the chance to learn in depth about the Forex market in general as well as hone their trading skills by learning comprehensively about Fundamental and Technical analysis in a simple to understand manner and at your own pace using AllWorldMarkets exclusive Forex School tutorials below.

Forex Basic

This tutorial explains the basic of the Forex market its concepts and an insight into how it functions. It provide traders a detailed understanding on the Forex Market. 

Fundamental Analysis

This tutorial explains in depth about important news, reports and how to analyses them effectively.
It also provides detailed views on the important events traders should be aware of and how it impacts currencies giving traders an invaluable edge to trade efficiently. 

Technical Analysis

This tutorial teaches traders how to properly analyses charts, timeframes and various studies available.
It also teaches traders about various chart patterns and decodes the most popular studies and explains how to use them effectively. It provides clients in-depth knowledge of the best trading tool to be more profitable


This tutorial breaks down all the important terms used in forex trading and helps them understand all the jargons used by forex traders.
Its simple to understand description makes it easy for even novices to understand all Forex terminology used globally.